Instafill 3500 Disposable Vape Kit

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  • The Instafill disposable vape kit is the latest vaping innovation that welcomes a cost-saving and greener alternative to classic disposable vapes you may be used to. Offering a rechargeable 500mAh battery combined with a 10ml bottle of nic salt e-liquid and a 2ml refillable pod, the Instafill is capable of providing up to 3500 puffs thanks to the e-liquid bottle acting as a dedicated refill container. Available in 14 flavours, the Instafill is a great alternative to disposables whilst offering a simple and mess-free vaping experience that is perfect for beginner vapers, or those looking for a compact vape kit.


    • Airflow Control
    • 500mAh Battery
    • Inhale Activated
    • 2ml Refillable Pod
    • Type-C Fast Charging
    • 3500 Puffs Per Device
    • 20mg Nic Salt E-Liquid
    • Rechargeable & Refillable

    Thanks to inhale draw activation and simple operation, the Instafill 3500 disposable is an ideal choice for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping that is built with simplicity and flavour in mind. With no coils, replaceable pods, or direct refilling required, you can enjoy a mess-free vaping experience from beginning to end. When the built-in e-liquid bottle is empty, simply remove the battery to recycle along with your empty bottle, and replace your kit with a new one.

    State of the art refilling system in the Instafill vape kit allows for e-liquid to be transferred directly from the bottle into the pod.

    Filling the Instafill pod kit

    The Instafill features a unique refilling mechanism that fills the 2ml pod from the 10ml bottle which attaches within the device. To begin vaping, plug the bottle into the device and insert the battery pack, once inserted, tilt the device upside down and press the golden button on the top to begin filling the pod with e-liquid from the bottle.

    How to fill the Instafill 3500 Disposable

    • 1. Remove the battery pack and e-liquid bottle from the device.
    • 2. Remove the seal tape attached to battery and cap.
    • 3. Remove bottle lid and tear off seal cap.
    • 4. Slide the battery into the device ensuring it clicks in place.
    • 5. Screw in the e-liquid bottle until it is hand tight.
    • 6. Connect the lid of the bottle to the base of the bottle and screw bottle in tighter.
    • 7: Flip the device pod facing down and press gold button to fill the pod with e-liquid.
    • 8. If it your first time filling, ensure you let the pod soak e-liquid for a couple minutes before vaping.

    Advanced mesh coil design produces maximum flavour and vapour for the perfect vaping experience.

    Instafill 3500 Disposable Flavours

    The Instafill disposable vape kit offers 20mg nic salt e-liquid to provide a smooth throat hit with excellent flavour throughout all 14 flavours available which include:

    • Banana Ice Cream: Ripe bananas layered with cream and a dash of icy menthol.
    • Blackcurrant Apple: Crisp apple perfectly balanced with sweet juicy blackcurrants.
    • Blueberry Fusion: Light summer berry taste with a sweet lingering aftertaste.
    • Fizzy Cherry: Fresh dark cherry mixed with a tangy and fizzy soda.
    • Fresh Mint Mojito: Fresh menthol combined with zingy limes for a refreshing flavour.
    • Gummy Bear: A classic blend of mixed fruit and candy loved by many.
    • Lemon Lime: The classic duo of zesty lemon and zingy lime for the perfect all day vape.
    • Mix Berry Fusion: Sweet and tangy berries perfectly balanced with a dusting of icy menthol.
    • Pineapple Ice: Exotic pineapple slices merged with layers of ice for a refreshing tropical taste.
    • Polar Mint: For the menthol lovers, a true blend of menthol and mint for an ice-cool vape.
    • Raspberry Lemonade: The perfect blend of fresh raspberry and thirst-quenching soda.
    • Sour Blue Raspberry Ice: Crisp sweet and sour flavours combined with a layer of cooling icy menthol.
    • Strawberry Ice: A much-loved combination of freshly picked strawberries and a cool ice topping.
    • Watermelon Candy Ice: Tropical watermelon slices balanced with sugary candy flavours and chilling ice.

    Box contents of the Intafill vape kit including the device, refill container, USB-C cable and user manual.

    Box Contents

    • 1x Instafill Rechargeable Device
    • 1x 10ml Refill Container
    • 1x USB-C Cable
    • 1x Instruction Manual


    • Battery: 500mAh
    • Pod Capacity: 2ml
    • Refill Container: 10ml
    • Charging: USB Type-C

    Rechargeable and reusable battery within the Instafill vape kit.

    Built with a replaceable and rechargeable 500mAh battery, the Intafill vape kit is designed to reduce electronic waste to offer a more environmentally disposable vape alternative.

    Cost savings of Instafill when compared to other disposable vape kits.

    Offering up to 3500 puffs, the Instafill welcomes a much more cost-effective alternative whilst being the equivalent of 6x regular 600 puff disposables.

    Extended shelf life of Intafill e-liquids.

    The dedicated refill cartridge on the Intafill ensures that e-liquid is kept fresh which will maximise the shelf life up to 3 years when compared to traditional disposables.

    Product philosophy with exceptional quality and unique patented refilling system.

    By creating a simple device that eliminates excessive features, the Instafill disposable delivers both quality and consistency to offer a much more cost-effective vaping solution.

    14 Nic salt e-liquid flavours available.

    The Instafill disposable launches with 14 impressive disposable type nic salt e-liquids that you’ll know and love. Experience the same great flavours found within popular disposable vapes that cater up to 3500 puffs in total.

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Banana Ice, Blackcurrant Apple, Blueberry Fusion, Fizzy Cherry, Fresh Mint Mojito, Gummy Bear, Lemon Lime, Mix Berry Fusion, Pineapple Ice, Polar Mint, Raspberry Lemonade, Sour Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon Candy


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