CUBA – White Line


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CUBA White Line

CUBA White Line are nicotine pouches with a nicotine content of no less than 24 mg/g. Due to this amount of nicotine, the pouches are not recommended for novice users!

The nicotine pouches have a well-known flavour of: mint. This flavour is most popular with snus (nicotine pouches) users. The amount of nicotine combined with this flavour provides a good kick!

CUBA White Line also comes in a heavier variant: CUBA Black Line 43 mg/g.


CUBA General

CUBA is a fairly new brand trying to take over the market in Europe.

BARON is also a CUBA brand that has some lighter variants but certainly also swords.

Thus, CUBA / BARON have nicotine pouches from 10 mg/g up to 50 mg/g and with this they are thinking of novice and experienced users.

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