Apres Cactus Lime


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APRÈS Cactus Lime

APRÈS Cactus Lime are nicotine pouches with a nicotine content of 8 mg/g. As the nicotine pouches do not contain too much nicotine, they are ideal for novice users!

The pouches have a unique flavour combination of: cactus and lime.
That dry feeling you get when thinking of the desert is incorporated in the cactus part. Added to that is the delicious sweetness of the lime!


APRÈS General

APRÈS is a brand that is not yet very well known in Europe but one that stands for the quality of their nicotine pouches. This ensures good pouches that are not too dry or tear easily!

APRÈS also has several flavours of nicotine pouches but also various flavours. Here is a top 3 of different strengths of nicotine and different flavours.

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