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Menthol Ban is nearly here…

The Menthol Ban is nearly here...

As of the 20th May 2020, you will no longer be able to purchase menthol cigarettes. This ban also applies to capsule, click on, click & roll, crush ball and dual menthol cigarettes. Heated tobacco and e-cigarette products are unaffected, so many people will be joinng the world of vaping!

So what are my options?

Don’t worry, here at VAPED4U, we have plenty of alternatives that can solve your menthol ban dilemma. Don’t just switch to regular cigarettes, switch to vaping. See our menthol alternatives below. There are 4 main types of e-cigarette devices that can act as a solution for menthol cigarette smokers. Starter kit, Intermediate kits, Advanced Kits and Pod devices (these include closed pod and open pod systems).

Which liquid is right for me?

If you are currently a smoker and looking to quit, then your daily intake of cigarettes will play key to the strength and type of liquid you should be using. As a rough guideline, observe the table below.

E-Liquid Guideline For Menthol Smokers

The fewer cigarettes you smoke daily, the lower the nicotine strength you will require, and vice versa. This table is only a guideline, you may have your own preference. The recent emergence and growth among nic salts has allowed many smokers to quit. Nic salts deliver a faster rush of nicotine to the body, similar to that of a cigarette. If you are a heavy volume smoker, we recommend starting out on these first. See our guide on nic salts for more information and guidance.

If you currently smoke a large number of cigarettes, we recommend you start with a pod device that either uses pre-filled nicotine salts, or a pod device that allows you to add nicotine salts. Many closed pod systems have grown in popularity make use of nicotine salt liquids, for example JUUL, VOOM and myblu. A refillable tank, like that in the SMOK Fetch kit, allows you to make use of a much larger range of flavour options compared to a closed pod system like JUUL.  See our offer on all starter kits and devices to get you started.

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Welcome to VAPED4U

Here at VAPED4U we are committed to providing our customers with the latest products at the most competitive price. We pride ourselves on our service and offering. We offer a wide range of vaping hardware, e-liquids and an extensive range of kits all at as competitive a price as possible.

We stock a wide variety of brands and are constantly adding to our ever-increasing stock range, so make sure you sign up to our mailing list to stay updated. Here at Vaped4u value each and every one of our customers, which is why we introduced our loyalty scheme, to benefit you, the customer. We stock brands sourced from all around the world, so whatever your preference, we have the liquid for you. We are constantly on the lookout for new brands and products so if you have any suggestions, we are all ears. Our Kit range starts with traditional pen style starter kits, leading to our intermediate and advanced kits, and then onto the ever-increasing range of pod devices. If you are looking for advice for which kit is right for you, then please see our kit guideline.

We offer free delivery on orders over £30, and free express shipping over £50!

As we expand and increase our retail footprint, we also offer “Click & Collect”, to your nearest VAPED4U store. If you require any advice or information regarding vaping that is not explained within our blogs and guidance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or start a live chat. One of our team members will gladly help you out!