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Fiji is blend of crisp Fuji apple and sweet cucamelon will tantalise your taste buds and gently awaken your senses. In addition, a refreshing breeze of cucumber is taking over creating a specific Fiji Island flavour. Then, a sweet yet fresh exhale leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste that will satisfy your vape desires!

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Fiji by Doozy Tropix E-Liquid

A mesmerising combination of crisp Fuji apple and sweet cucamelon with a touch of cucumber. Perfection in a bottle, each fruit layered in the most divine way to deliver a fresh and fruity tropical wave. You won’t have tasted anything quite like this before…Enjoy!


The Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol mixture is an important aspect of each E-Liquid. The vegetable aspect is used to produce the smoke clouds, and the propylene aspect is used to produce a throaty taste. In this case, a mixture of 70VG/30PG means you get less of the throat-hit factor you get with normal smoking, as well as more of the amazing cloud bursts that vaping provides.

50ml Shortfill

These 50ml Shortfill bottles have this name since they provide space between the liquid inside and the top of the bottle for nicotine. This nicotine can come in the form of a nicotine salt, or a nicotine shot. Read more about nicotine salts or nicotine shots on our blog posts.

How to add nic shots.

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